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Commercial Security

Our security programs allow us to create a safe and secure environment through Risk Management, which can be achieved with our layered physical security approach.

Commercial security is not just preventable security. It protects your employees, the business, and your clients from any perceivable incidents.

Our physical security approach focuses on the following …

  • Deter
  • Deny
  • Defend
  • Detain

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Home Security

Modern security systems provide a layered approach to security. Standard door locks are not always enough. Home break-ins are preventable.

Why invest in home security?

Assets Protection

When it comes to burglary, there are several things you need to be concerned about. First is the safety of your family members. Many security innovations allow instant authority notifications without you making the call. Second is your assets.

At Home Monitoring

Many of our clients utilize their home security to have peace of mind. We have many clients who integrate live video monitoring. This allows them to watch the events taking place at home while they're away or in another part of the house.


You have the capability to notify authorities right away if something is alarming. This can be done from within the walls of your home or from your smart devices far away.

Home Insurance

Home security is an investment, and if you have more robust security measures, this is usually reflected in your monthly insurance premiums.

Deters Crime

The presence of home security deters crime by itself. If perpetrators know that there is a security program in place, they will be much more hesitant.

The presence of doorbell cameras has significantly reduced front door theft across the nation. Doorbell cameras are one of our consumers' favorite security features. They are instantaneously activated upon movement and communicate with your smart device wherever you are.

Our home security features offer the latest technology, including sensors, detectors, wireless technology, and 24×7 monitoring, to protect families, helping them feel safe at home. Our live video monitoring allows members to check in on their families and stay connected, no matter where they are. We offer safety, convenience, and a feeling of connection.

Man Cave Innovation offers free security consultations. We will be able to evaluate your home and the necessary needs to implement prevention and protection.

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