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Smart/Commercial Automation

What is a smart commercial building?

Smart commercial properties are the future. These innovations maximize and increase efficiency and productivity. Smart commercial innovations are changing effectiveness by taking network capabilities to an all-new level. Music surround sound is an integral aspect to "creating an experience." Man Cave Innovations can assist you in your personalized plan. Our designs range from small, simple innovations too large, complex networks. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Commercial Screens/Projectors

Create an experience and environment with projector screens integrated into your commercial property and process. Whether it be for innovative conference rooms where communication and networking are pivotal to your business and/or oversized impact screens to create the environment you're staging.

Disappearing Screen

Man Cave Innovations offers flexibility and beauty to your space.

Motorized screens allow you to have the image when you want it and make it disappear when you don’t.


Rear Projection

Man Cave Innovations offers many rear projection materials, including our durable, yet flexible FlexGlass.


Kill The Glare

Our projection screens 100% eliminate any glare in any environment.


Turn The Lights On

Never fall asleep. Our FlexGlass technology works with full lighting, keeping your audience focused and on-point.

Video Walls

Video walls are an INCREDIBLE way to maximize your space and focus. Video walls are effective when creating an EXPERIENCE!

They serve many of our clients with multi-functioning capabilities from Emergency Response Centers, Security Surveillance Monitoring, all the way to employer and or home video/gaming walls. Video walls are a growing trend and a great innovation in creating an awesome impact.


Commercial Audio - Music Throughout

Commercial audio or commercial surround sound are powerful effective tools in setting the stage for consumers and or the work place. Music can assist in effectiveness, mood, ambiance, and motivation to work and sell. Man Cave Innovations prides ourselves on our custom innovations and creativity. There is nothing more powerful than music and the effects it has on employees and consumers.

Commercial Shades

Many underestimate the luxury and effectiveness Motorized Shades offer. Take your commercial property aesthetically to an all-new level of luxury, professionalism, and class. Contact us today for a free consultation.


Nano Indoor

The most innovative and compact designer shades to ever hit the market.


Zen Outdoor

Expand your business’s square footage with a completely sealed outdoor environment.



When the absolute best connection is desired, our direct wire ecosystem is the sure choice.



For the ultimate in flexibility, choose our wireless technology built on world-wide standards.

Commercial Security

Commercial Security is a top priority. Our security programs allow us to create a safe and secure environment through Risk Management, which can be achieved with our layered physical security approach: Detect, Deter, Deny, Defend, and Detain. Click the link provided to learn more about Man Cave Innovations and our commercial security innovations.

Commercial Innovations have a large range of capabilities. Contact us today for a free consultation. We can discuss your personal needs and goals to make your business more effective, progressive, and impactful.

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