What is a smart home?

A “Smart Home” is a place equipped with devices that automate tasks and/or allow remote access. These can be built into a building or added later, and controlled by various means, including apps, remotes, switches, voice commands, or artificial intelligence.

Man Cave Innovations specializes in Smart Homes. We have designed, installed, and programmed home automation at all levels. From simple automation and commands such as light control and home security monitoring to elaborate full home automation.

Full home automation can include but is limitless to your needs and convenience. Full automation includes can activate all home features and/ or create settings.

Click your “romance setting”; lights will dim, shades will draw, fireplace will click on, and music will begin playing. Click your “Day Setting”; as you begin your morning shades will open, and your morning coffee will begin brewing.


Click your “Night Setting”; turn your lights off, close your shades, turn off all electronics, lock doors and enjoy the luxury and peace of mind knowing everything is in place for a restful night.

Home automation is not only convenient, and luxurious, but efficient. Detectors can be installed into homes to turn lights or electronics off if not in use for an extended period of time. Home security can be integrated into your programming, water sensors can monitor the moisture in your lawns to preserve water and efficiency. Cool or hot air thermostats can monitor and efficiently adjust to your presets. Home automation is an incredible exciting innovation.

We work with you, the home owner to take your home to a customized level of convenience, efficiency, and luxury. Contact us today for a free consultation.



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